Publish your game with us!

If you are the author of a board game and looking for a publisher – write to us. If we would think the game will meet market expectations, we may publish it – and you not only realize your dream of seeing your name on the cover, but also receive the appropriate fee (usually as a fixed % of sales).

"I want to make a game – what should I do?"

First of all, test it hardly – at the beginning with your close friends, and if possible also among people not related to you, they should be more criticizing.

Then write to us at the address, make sure you would include following information:

  • basic description of the game (a few sentences), an outline of the mechanics and themes;
  • visual appearance of the most important elements – such as the board (it may even be sketch); 
  • information about the tests conducted (number of tests, players);
  • Benefits – Why in your opinion, this game is better than others in the market; 
  • list of items which according to you should find yourself in a box; 
  • current status of the game.

We respond usually within a few days. Even if we reject the project, we will try to write you for what reason – but do not guarantee it.

Warning! Please do NOT send us a prototype, DO NOT send full instructions for the game, DO NOT send the proposed schedule (or illustrative sketches, illustrations). WE DO NOT sign any contracts before or during the evaluation process of the game.

What next?

  • When the game first pass an initial verification – we will ask you to send detailed instructions. We do not invite you to present the game – the instruction must explain all the details of the game. If we would have questions about the rules – we will contact with you. At this stage you can also count on our observations about the rules of the game. 
  • The next step is to ask you to send a prototype – fully playable copy of the game, with all the elements that should be included in the box. Of course, it may be placeholders (eg, from other games), the whole does not have to be beautiful (though obviously made a prototype of aesthetic values maintains the game), it would be workable. 
  • If we play like we can assess the positive and the market potential – is already a big chance that the game will be released. Must still undergo only full tests (which we will coordinate with you), must have created illustrations, the valuation of production, determined effort and finally sign an agreement with you. 
  • Remember that your usual work does not stop there – you will still have to participate in the promotion of games, presentations, demonstrations, you will have to give interviews and answer questions from players. Finally, you will be working on the extras and had revenues. :)

"How can I be sure that you don`t steal my game?"

We are the publisher – we don`t design games. That the author is designing, balancing, grinding of all the game mechanics in order to work properly – we don`t intend and don`t want to do this.