Adam Kałuża

Games: K2, K2 Broad Peak, Drako, The Cave

He loves puzzle and euro games. First published in 2007, Adam Kałuża now has 11 games under his belt and still strives to better himself as a designer. Besides making games, he also like to review them – he’s especially proud of a series of articles about the history of the Spiel des Jahres award published in “Świat Gier Planszowych”.

He’s a happy husband and father. Professionally he creates database applications – he’s a graduate of Politechnika Opolska, the department of Electrotechnics, Automation and IT.

Adam adores the mountainside, particularly the Krakowsko-Częstochowskie Highlands, and he prefers to actively spend his vacations. His one dream is to travel to Peru, as he is interested in the history of the Incan Empire. He likes a good book, graphic novel or movie.

Marcin Wełnicki

Games: Slavika, Slavika: Equinox.

He’s got degrees in law and sociology, but prefers to work as a board game translator for Galakta, and a freelance publicist and reviewer. He runs a literary blog “Biały Atrament”. For many years he was w prominent member of the Polish Fading Suns RPG community (he published many fan expansions, even an adventure in the legendary “Magia i Miecz” magazine).

His RPG works were published by White Wolf, Hollistic Design and Red Brick Limited. He’s also a prolific author, having published several short stories and two novels (“The Mortal God” and “Last Will of Damocles”). And last, but not least – he’s a board game designer. As of now he’s published two of those: “End of Atlantis” and “Slavika”. Martin assures us, he’s just getting started.

He loves fiction, animals and anthropology (not necessarily in that order). In his spare time he likes to visit European museums (when he can afford it) and the Polish wilderness (probably more often). He plans to explore Asia (and Africa, and…) and write a book about his experience. That is, many such books.

Łukasz Pogoda

Games: Basilica.

His adventure with board games began at a very young age – with science fiction novels and the “Fantastyka” magazine. When he got older, he noticed an article about role-playing games in one of the papers, and he had to know everything about them. Fast-forward a few years and Łukasz became an organizer of sf cons, and later started writing about role-playing games himself (and then about horror, fantasy and other interesting things…). Finally he became a games’ translator and an editor. 

And then he said goodbye to role-playing games, although the homo ludens in him was still strong. For a time he dabbled in localizing a different kind of games – the ones you played on your PC. Lastly, he discovered board games. The new wave was sweeping Poland and he let himself be swept away. As with role-playing games, interest soon turned into creation.

There are many things that fascinate him about board games: the mathematical beauty, enthralling stories and… the challenges they pose in the field of visual communication. Surely that last thing is a product of Łukasz’s day job. He didn’t become a translator nor a librarian. He works as a graphic designer (layout and editing), he creates book covers and is even the co-creator of the art used in his first game, Basilica (published by

Board games are still just a hobby for him – but a hobby he treats very seriously. He’s hard at work, designing new games, and he’s also an active member of the informal warsawian game designers society, the Monsoon Group.

Łukasz Woźniak

Games: Mercurius.

Born in 1989, Łukasz became interested in board games when he was in high school. It all started with a few titles, but his appetite grew exponentially. In his freshman year (Finance and Accounting at the Economic University in Poznań) he started to write a blog about board games. A year later he started making video reviews, and “Gry planszowe u Wookiego” quickly became the most popular Polish board game videocast.

Also during his freshman year he became interested in designing. Beginnings are almost always hard and chaotic, but as time passed, Łukasz began to get better at it. In 2011 Trefl published his first board game, “Szalone małpki”. 

At this very moment Łukasz has some games awaiting publication (all of them will be published by and several more in different stages of development. Recently Łukasz got married. His wife, Ola, supports him in his endeavors (by helping him in beta-tests and by pointing out the flaws of his prototypes).

Łukasz is interested in film and apologetics, and works as a translator at youth camps. He plans to enroll in external theological studies in Warsaw…